Acquisition - Affiliate marketing


    Looking for growing your revenue while minimizing risks?

    Combine performance and serenity through affiliate marketing

    You have an interesting offer and want to talk to a greater number of prospects? You make enough margin to pay a sales partner? Why not remunerate partners bringing you customers?


    Affiliate marketing on the Internet is a technique allowing an advertiser website to promote its products or services by offering compensation to other publisher websites in exchange for a contribution of sales, subscriptions or traffic.

    Affiliate marketing is an extremely reassuring lever for an advertiser, knowing that the affiliate is paid only once objective is reached, by one of the visitors that he sent to your site. The objective is the action you've defined upstream, and at a predetermined fixed rate.

    Setup and management of affiliate marketing campaigns

    SLAP digital consultants can help you identify the most relevant networks to your offer, and to design an attractive offer to present on these networks: cost, messages, offers, ergonomics of the landing page.

    Your account manager will then be responsible for the launch, management and reporting for the duration of the campaign.

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