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    Is it -still- possible to do a display campaign that generates a high click rate and conversion?

    Banners to sell

    How to reach a precise target demographic? Are there still internet users that click on banners? Can we make performance display?


    The banner is the historical web format and was somewhat fallen into disuse. However, today, thanks to new opportunities for precise targeting and formats increasingly impactful, the banner back in force and allows a successful brand campaign as a campaign to performance!

    Billions of impressions per day, a presence on all the websites on the planet and now targeting opportunities as they appear only when the algorithm detects the right person at the right time, right in place. Banners are now champions of click rates and conversion. Better, they can be personalized with the most relevant products available to an individual. On the contrary, if the goal is to talk about a brand and generate indirect conversions, impactful formats allow maximum exposure.

    An expert point of view on the display network

    SLAP digital selects for you the best targeting, the best formats and the best places to display your banners to your performance or branding objectives. The agency handles everything from the purchase of spaces to optimize campaigns.

    The SLAP digital display experts advise you on:

    • Purchase RTB space (Real Time Bidding) on premium websites
    • Media buying on the Google Display Network (targeting users in the market, centres of interest, keywords, lookalike ...)
    • Programmatic media buying in dressing
    • Media buying in remarketing (distribution of your advertisements to lost visitors)
    • Negotiation with independent advertising agencies
    • Automated realization studies on the impact of your display ads (BLS)
    • Council in creating impactful formats
    • Management and respect for budgets
    • Management of zoning for local campaigns
    • Optimizing your landing pages
    • A / B testing of ads
    • Managing mobile auctions
    • Management of international accounts

    SLAP digital provides regular reports and advice on complementary levers to develop your performance. Your traffic manager provides you with regular reports on the expenses of your budget and updates on your campaigns seamlessly.

    Determine quickly if banner campaign is relevant to your business, ask your free expertise with one of our experts!

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