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Why integrate the e-PR into your digital strategy?

How can digital press relationship increase your reputation, credibility, and purchase rate?

The growing importance of influencers on consumers

Do you feel lost face to the mass of blogs, influencers, and other channels of information? Don’t you know how to target the relevant influencers for your brand?


The e-PR and influencers increase your reputation

Influencers (bloggers, people with strong audience on social networks, etc.) have become sources of information and decision for consumers. 85% of people in France say that they have taken decisions after consulting the blogs of influencers/bloggers. For those aged 18 to 24, influencers are the first source of influence. For those aged 35 to 54, influencers are the second source of information after their close circle (family, friends, and colleagues). Advertising and traditional media lose importance therefore for consumers (76% of people in France are against advertising). The e-RP enables brands to create a direct relationship of trust with consumers via their restricted information channels.

The objectives of the e-PR are multiple (increasing the purchase rate, creating reputation, gaining credibility, building a strong brand image, etc.) and the results are convincing:

  • 93% of professionals say that they have gained reputation following an e-PR strategy;
  • 75% of professionals have increased their business opportunities;
  • 76% of professionals have used e-PR successfully to retain their customers.

An e-PR strategy must be relevant, targeted and well defined

An e-RP strategy and relationships with influencers must be built up chronologically. Our goal is to help you build up a long-term relationship with the influencers, in order to develop your brand image and your confidence level. Relationships with influencers must be qualitative so that both parties can benefit from it and so that the e-PR strategy be fully effective. To do this, our approach is built up in several stages:

  • A first approach stage in which your brand must be visible for relevant influencers;
  • A second contact stage in which the brand becomes credible and both parties start to collaborate;
  • A third stage of further collaboration in which the brand and the influencer produce more content and begin a relationship of partners;
  • A last stage of transformation where the influencer becomes ambassador.

The e-PR is an integral part of a comprehensive webmarketing strategy. It is by combining e-PR, SEO, SEA, and SMO that a comprehensive webmarketing strategy will be the most efficient and effective. SLAP digital binds the expertise of our various consultants and connect them to ensure a truly effectiveness.

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