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    How to benefit from millions of product searches performed on Google each day to increase your sales?

    Google Shopping: the search engine dedicated to products

    Want to boost your sales but you don't know how? You do know Google Shopping but don't know how to use it for your products?

    Shopping is the Google search engine specifically dedicated to products. Product visibility on this service and maximum conversion rate is provided as auctions allow well to position yourself in relation to your competitors.

    People use Google Product Search to query about a specific product or a product category and thus are hyper-qualified prospects that have a potential conversion rate very important. Sponsored products on Google Shopping are also presented in the organic search results if a relevance is detected by the search engine. Any company that has physical products may be on Google Shopping and grow sales quickly taking advantage of the qualified volume generated by the search engine.

    Google Shopping support by qualified experts

    The expertise of an agency like SLAP digital allows you to find the largest possible volume of new customers on Google Shopping while reducing its cost per click. SLAP digital creates the structure of your campaign and identifies in few weeks the best cost acquisitions for your products on Google Shopping:

    • Creation of account structure,
    • Importing your product flow,
    • Formatting your titles and descriptions,
    • Managing your auction to identify the best ranking relative to your competitors for the best CPC,
    • Optimizing your landing pages,
    • Extended shopping campaigns to Youtube,
    • Auction Management for Mobile,
    • International accounts management.

    Regular exchange with your traffic manager SLAP allows you to track the progress of your campaign performance and spending your budget seamlessly. The agency provides reports every month and offers additional levers to boost your conversions.

    SLAP digital's expertise covers digital Shopping campaigns of all sizes, small e-businesses in dozens of products to platforms of several thousand products, and helps you develop your offer on Google Shopping..

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