Acquisition - Marketplaces


    How to sell your products on multiple websites with heavy traffic?

    Benefits of marketplaces

    How to improve your sales? How to market your products to the largest number? How to internationalize your sales cost?


    Marketplaces respond to these issues by making it possible to boost your conversions by putting you in direct contact with your prospects. They are used by many users. They can increase sales and put users at a more advanced stage in the buying journey.

    The marketplaces with a high popularity offer the opportunity for lesser known sites to be in touch with many visitors. They also offer many features including the ability to delegate the delivery and support, for the most part, client billing.

    How to increase your sales?

    SLAP digital helps you to identify marketplaces available and relevant to your products.

    Your account manager will assist you in managing your sales on marketplaces. He will also produce detailed reporting for the duration of the campaign.

    You will increase your sales and maximize your marketing mix.

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