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    How to bring back to my website visitors who did not convert and trigger the purchase act?

    Retention and converting your leaving visitors

    How to bring back visitors to your website who have not converted? How to identify visitors who have not converted but who appreciated your products and keep them coming back? How to better target these visitors to trigger the purchase act?


    Each visitor who leaves your website without having converted represents a loss. Yet in this mass of lost visitors, hidden people who appreciated your products and may initiate a purchase however act without complete its term. Retargeting can target again these visitors by showing them your new products during web browsing.

    Retargeting has superior performance to other levers of acquisition since it is not strictly a means of conquest but rather a mean to retain and convert your visitors who, without it, would probably not return to your site. It is therefore essential that targeting works with advertising acquisition levers such as the SEA, the display or advertising on social networks. Retargeting also automatically generate advertising formats containing the products seen by the customer, which multiplies the click through rate of banner ads.

    Avoid prospects leaks with our experts

    SLAP digital has expertise remarketing based on years of experience with clients of all sizes, in different areas of activity. The agency controls technologies to combine remarketing targeting to all of your existing acquisition levers and advise you of new relevant levers to customer retention, including:

    • RLSA (remarketing sponsored links on Google AdWords and Bing Ads),
    • Display retargeting (on the display network or Google premium RTB),
    • Email retargeting (reminder mail to lost users, even if they have not filled their email address in a field),
    • Support for the implementation of dynamic advertisements containing products seen by the visitor,
    • Council the creation of impactful formats,
    • Optimizing your landing pages,
    • A / B testing advertisements.

    SLAP digital provides regular reports on the performance of your campaigns and retargeting and organize regular points with your traffic manager on the spending of budgets seamlessly.

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