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How to choose the most relevant social network for your brand among the dozens that already exist and which are created every week?

Social Networks: channel of excellence for customer relationship

You do not know what social network will help you to increase your number of fans? You launched your pages on social networks but do not get to attract users? You do not know what tone is more suitable?


Acquire fans and followers to get closer to your customers

80% of French are on social networks[1] and spend about 1h30 per day[2]], and their importance continues to grow. Yet 69% of Internet users do not feel listened to enough[3] by the brands on social networks, and yet it is on the same platform they share their opinions, experiences, and broadcast your content. Internet users have a strong power, and reputation crisis is still spreading faster. Social networks must therefore be a major channel for your customer relations.

Acquire fans and followers, have a strong community on social networks, and particularly committed will let you keep your consumer base, to attract new ones, while placing you as a reference on your area of expertise.

Rank your brand where your customers are located

SLAP digital acquired real expertise from a variety of clients and accompanied them in developing their effective social media strategy tailored to their values, the heart of business, but also their short and long term goals. SLAP digital helps you to acquire qualified fans that will form the basis of your social community.

In addition to a real skill over the development of a social media strategy, SLAP digital has within the community management of experts who can provide regular advice to help you grow and manage your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. or support your community management to get more followers on Twitter or Pinterest, or fans on Facebook or LinkedIn.

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[3]Etude réalisée par le SNCD

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