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    Do you interact with your prospects on Twitter?

    Increase your visibility on Twitter

    How to reach your prospects? How quickly gain visibility on Twitter?

    Twitter Ads offers different targeting modes allowing you to be closer to your prospects while effectively controlling your budget. The advertising platform allows you to strengthen the commitment of your prospects with your products and generate leads, downloads of your mobile app or sales on your site.

    How to use Twitter in your marketing strategy?

    Twitter Ads allows to define very specific targeting for your various campaigns, such as keywords, location, interests and gender. Twitter's advertising platform also provides the ability to target users by type of devices (smartphones, desktops ....) or by operating system (Android, iOS ....).

    Strengthening your presence on Twitter will also allow you to be closer to your clients including targeting smartphones.

    The expertise of SLAP digital consultants on different acquisition levers allows them to accompany you on the strategy to drive conversions on this social network.

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