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    How to reach your prospects on Youtube?

    An ideal format to explain your concept and convert

    Youtube generates millions of views per day. There has to be prospects for your target who watch these videos. There are targeting opportunities as accurate as for display campaigns: market audiences, interests, keywords, remarketing, lookalike ... But what makes this particularly interesting format is that the advertiser pays only from 30 seconds video view or interact with the video. This allows to generate awareness without any expense. In addition, the costs per view are very interesting as generally reaching less than 0.10 euros.

    Entrust your TrueViewInStream campaigns to our experts

    SLAP digital has developed a strong expertise on Youtube promos and offers a strategic vision on the advertising leverage, its implementation and management:

    • Establishment of campaigns and targeting
    • Advice on your video formats to maximize interactions and conversions
    • Bid Management and Budget
    • Video Remarketing
    • Analysis of the impact of your advertising videos on your awareness and purchase intent through BLS
    • Council and optimizing your landing pages
    • Synergy with the purchase of other formats available on Youtube (Recommended Videos, Display, Masthead)

    Throughout your campaign, SLAP digital performs with you detailed points on the performance and the budget spent on your campaigns. Your traffic manager remains available to answer your questions.

    Contact one of our advertising Youtube video experts now to estimate the relevance of this format within your marketing plan.

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