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How does optimizing your copywriting help you engage more visitors?

Copywriting, essential to call-to-action

Do you have many visitors but a low conversion rate? Want to increase your conversion rate?

Properly writing is essential to attract visitors, encourage them to learn more about your brand, and will allow you to convert your visitors into customers. This is particularly the case for call-to-action. The call-to-action are messages inciting the visitor to contact you through a form, downloading a document, requesting for information, etc.


A quick and necessary optimization of your copywriting

SLAP has digital copywriting and optimization experts for your call-to-action that allow you to optimize the actions taken by your visitors, thus increasing your conversion rate.

SLAP digital can provide the best practices to keep in mind when writing an article and set up a call-to-action. For example it is recommended to:

  • Use action verbs,
  • Write a relatively short call-to-action,
  • Call for specific and precise actions,
  • Do not hesitate to perform testing.

SLAP digital can provide a quick and complete audit of your copywriting and your call-to-action so you can optimize to the maximum and convert efficiently your visitors.

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