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Your landing pages do not convert? Change your strategy!

Optimize your landing pages content

You do not manage to get a high conversion rate on your landing pages? You question their optimization and relevance? But you do not know how to optimize them in order to ensure a good conversion rate?

Having a rich and relevant content is a first step but often difficult but necessary to attract the most qualified visitors. A landing page must be sufficiently consistent with your target. A semantic optimization may be necessary to ensure your pages appear on the right queries in the search results.

Highlighting your commercial arguments does not always encourage users to consult your services. It is important to properly identify the most effective conversion levers within a landing page and optimize the elements in accordance with the habits of targeted prospects.

Increase your conversion rate

SLAP digital has acquired strong skills in increasing traffic rates and optimizing landing pages. The agency helps you to optimize your landing pages at the heart of your conversion and lead generation process. Despite major efforts in traffic acquisition, converting a user from a visitor to a client status requires specific tactics that have proven themselves. SLAP digital sets its team of experts at your disposal to help you develop the essential elements to optimizing your landing pages:

  • Improving the quality score
  • Optimization of forms and conversion funnel,
  • Visitor behaviour analysis,
  • Tracking targets and events,
  • Creating A/B testing campaigns.

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