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How will AB testing allow you to improve your website and boost your conversion rate?

Why performing AB testing?

Do you wish to increase conversions on your website? You do not know how to choose the method that provides the most conversions? Do you want to make tailor your website to your visitors expectations, methods and visual they like most? You've heard about AB testing don't have a clue of its use?

There are many reasons for your low rate conversions. A version slightly adapted to the expectations of visitors and course is one. AB testing allows you to compare two versions of your website to select one that is more efficient and offers the best conversions.

AB tests allow you to measure the effects of different versions of your site on your downloads, registrations for your newsletter or your sales. With AB testing, you can better understand the behaviour of your visitors and influence their conversion.

How to set up an AB test?

SLAP digital can accompany you in your approach to gains conversion and optimization for your website. The experience of the agency's consultants on various AB testing solutions, including AB Tasty allows them to help you improve your conversion rates.

SLAP digital expert team can intervene at different stages of your project, both at implementation of the AB test solution during the launch of the various test campaigns.

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