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What are internet users doing on your website?

Better analyze your performance

You probably spend a lot of time to update your website by posting articles or by posting your products for sale. How to evaluate your efforts and your investments?


The analysis tools and web traffic measurement let you know the number of visitors coming to your site but also their behaviour. You can now discover at the end how long a prospect becomes a client or the most conducive channel leading to the conversion acquisition.

The analysis of your digital audience then allows you to refine your strategy for acquiring traffic and to better calculate your return on investment.

Analytics tools that provide you answers

The implementation of a web analytics tool goes through several stages.

The SLAP digital agency is an expert on many types of tools:

  • Centric website: Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, AT Internet, Mixpanel
  • Attribution: Mazeberry
  • AB Testing: AB Tasty

Consultants can give you support through the following steps:

  • Defining objectives and KPIs identification
  • Recommendation of tools
  • Defining the tagging plan
  • Setup validation

The agency's experience on these analysis tools allows to also act on the analysis of web data and help customers optimize their marketing mix.

For more information about traffic analysis tools, feel free to contact the agency to discover our customized solutions.

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