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Do you wish to launch a traffic acquisition campaign and identify reasons for successes and failures?

Follow visitors' interactions with your website

How many people visit your site daily? Do they convert right away through a channel or use it regularly to discover the brand before converting through another lever? Should you invest more on a particular lever or focus on a more profitable channel?

In order define what marketing action is the most profitable as part of your digital strategy, it is essential to measure the minimum profitability of each channel individually. You should also consider measuring the performance of these channels as part of a broader strategy: which channel promotes the discovery of your brand and which channel to convert? To make smart resolutions, it is essential to analyze the users path on your website and contact points.

Determine the profitability of your channels by tagging your website

SLAP digital team is at your disposal and takes care to share with you in order to identify points of contact (form, newsletter, registration, ...) with your website and thus detect which channel is most profitable short- and long term. This will drive the best traffic acquisition of shares by defining which channel is dedicated to the discovery and which channel is dedicated to the conversion, thus allowing to refine and optimize the message and customer experience.

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