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Do you think that too few of your visitors sign up and become prospects? Do you want prospects visiting your website to be captured, segmented and automatically contacted again? Then the marketing automation may be THE solution.

Prospects acquisition is complicated

There are many obstacles to the acquisition of leads on a site. This is often related to the fact that a visitor usually seeks to involve as little as necessary. Too many websites expect to turn a visitor into "hot" prospect immediately, while the vast majority of visitors will need to be convinced of the value of your offer before considering a trade discussion.

Marketing automation will allow you to automate repetitive tasks dropping preconceived marketing scenarii, in order to stimulate the prospect in its purchasing process.

Convincing over the time through marketing automation

The consultants will help you develop a lead nurturing strategy by encouraging more visitors to leave their contact information and thus make them open to receiving a number of emails strengthening your offer.

SLAP digital is certified partner of inbound marketing tool and HubSpot marketing automation, the market leader.

Through this tool and with our expertise we define with our clients:

  • Definition of your targets
  • Definition snapbacks scenarii based on user behaviour
  • Preparation of communications
  • Deployment of these scenarii
  • Reporting
  • Optimisation

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