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You have not set up any effective newsletter yet to send to your customers and prospects?

How can a newsletter help your brand?

Looking to keep your customers but you do not know which techniques are most relevant? You have a newsletter but want to optimize it? You do not know what content to put into your newsletter? You want to create a newsletter but you do not know what are the best practices to apply?


The setup of an effective newsletter answers many customer loyalty issues. By posting interesting content with a viral potential, you'll be able to better understand the interactions and interests of your target regarding your business.

The newsletter is the essential lever of customer retention. It can be laborious to create relevant and viral content regularly but once a relevant strategy has been defined, your newsletter will bring you valuable information that your marketing and sales teams can use. With the sending of newsletters platforms you can analyze the interactions of your database with every content that you put forward.

Build loyalty through a newsletter

Our teams have the experience to assist you in setting up an effective newsletter for your needs, your customers and your industry. As part of a support on other complementary levers, SLAP digital can guide you in defining a content strategy, creating the newsletter design, and analysis of results. It will be essential as a first step, to identify a strategy adapted to the availability of your resources.

Our consultants trained in the use of tools such as MailChimp and Mailjet can give personalized recommendations throughout the stages of setting up your effective newsletter.

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