Revenue - ROI analysis


You do not know the profitability of your channels?

Define a growth forecast (ROI analysis)

Do you wish to define at which moment a channel will be profitable? You no longer wish to venture blindly without defining strategy for a long-term forecast?

Whatever webmarketing leverage you want to activate, it is essential to achieve a growth forecast aimed at detailed analysis of return on investment. This will allow you to better define engaged budgets to obtain the results that you have set.

Predict your potential ROI by lever

To bring you more visibility on the expected results depending on operating budgets and channels, we combine the expertise of our consultant in financial forecasting and our operational consultants to identify the theoretical profitability of each lever, hoping to guide you best in the strategic choices inherent in your digital strategy. Calibrate your expectations with the reality of your sector and actions on the scale of a year or more seems essential to start a collaboration on a basis of mutual trust.

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