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    Are you sufficiently trained and updated to grow your business online?

    Digital, a constant evolving sector

    Do you wish to understand Google AdWords? Do your writers need training to create optimized SEO content? Do you wish to raise your team competences on the topic of community management? Do you need to know how to deploy optimized landing pages for conversion?

    Numerous tools exist to track your online performance, new opportunities and constraints appear regularly, and good practices are constantly changing.

    Blogs and advice from the internet, but will they be relevant to your business and will you be able to put them in place after simply reading a blog?

    Concrete training adapted to your needs

    SLAP digital offers training conducted by our digital experts. Our courses are tailored to your needs, your domain of expertise, your previous actions, and skills. Novice or experienced, we adjust our courses according to your skill level.

    Our goal is to teach you a practical trainings so you can put them into practice in our presence, improve yourself on their implementation, and apply them when you return to your business.

    The consultants of the Agency will train you on the following topics:

    SLAP digital is a training organization, registered activity declaration. Under number 11 75 48586 75 at the Prefecture of Ile-de-France.

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