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Do you master the available levers to boost your conversion rate?

The importance of conversion optimization

Want to increase your conversion rate? Can’t engage visitors to your website? Your CPA is very high?

Conversion is vital to the success of a digital device. Any marketer should know the possible improvement of elements of any digital platform (website, mobile, etc.) in order to activate them to increase your conversion rate, the commitment of visitors to your site and improve its profitability.

A Training that meets your business issues

SLAP digital provides customized training to suit your specific needs and your industry. These needs are identified during an initial conversation with one of the experts of the Agency to define the content of upstream training.
After a review of theory, depending on the expectation and the level of participants, training will be primarily practical and consists of a series of workshops, allowing you to test and expand your new knowledge and put them into place for your business optimally.

The assimilation of the content of the training is tested while working on our specific case studies at the end of the training session.

SLAP digital is a training organization, declaration of recorded activity. Under number 11 75 48586 75 at the Prefecture of Ile-de-France.

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