EN Formation - AB testing


    Are you sure that your website pages can’t better convert?

    AB testing, the basics of conversion

    Want to know if your landing page is the best? Do you have concern about conversion on your website? Can’t decide between two marketing messages?

    AB testing is the most robust solution to control your choices Onsite based on data and not just intuition or diverse expertise.

    Master AB testing from A to Z

    The SLAP digital consultants will identify your specific needs on the AB testing at a preliminary interview, allowing them to offer customized training.
    The content of the training therefore evolve according to needs, but it will cover the theory of AB testing, configuration of the tool, setting up campaigns, analysis reporting and finally the presentation of case studies.

    This training will be enriched with practical case studies, including a final case to validate the assimilation of the content of the training by the participants.

    SLAP digital being AB Tasty certified, we will use this tool for the put in practice the case studies during the training.

    SLAP digital is a training organization, declaration of recorded activity. Under the number 11 75 48586 75 at the Prefecture of Ile-de-France.

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