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Do you blindly run your marketing campaigns?

Analytics: the thermometer of your digital growth

Do you wish to challenge your agency? Want to better interpret reporting? Your management asks you to produce more detailed reports?

Mastering analytics subjects is vital for any marketer, both from a standpoint tools steering and data interpretation. Facing the multitude of captured data, these knowledge on which to focus, how to collect and understand what it could mean.

Become master of your data

SLAP digital analytics experts train you according to your needs, which will be defined in advance.

Training content varies based on each ones needs:

  • Presentation of different methods analytics (site-centric, user-centric, social, advertising ...).
  • Focus on the configuration of a specific tool (Google Analytics, AT Internet ...).
  • Learn how to interpret a report: defining objective selection of KPIs, ROI calculations ....

These trainings are usually enriched with practical case studies and a final quick test to validate the assimilation of the topics presented. Customizing this course will help you out with the assurance of achieving your goals.

SLAP digital is a training organization, declaration of recorded activity. Under number 11 75 48586 75 at the Prefecture of Ile-de-France.

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