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Twitter Automation

Tool dedicated to Twitter, which in addition to the regular broadcast tweets performed manually, can automate the acquisition of qualified subscribers. The tool also allows to know the performance of tweets in terms of acquisition of subscribers and traffic to a website.

Initially established on SLAP digital resulting in the acquisition of 1,000 qualified subscribers in two months. Today in place on many sites of our customers.

SEO Content Checker

Support tool for the realization of content audits to validate the keywords on which position the current pages.

This tool was developed in partnership with the School of Mines of Saint-Etienne.

Search Power Suite

Suite 4 SEA and SEO tools to improve the efficiency of our services: Mass verification tool from on HTTP Headers, position tracking tool identification tool servers and support tool to achieve redirects plan.

Automated Reportings

Exploitation of Adwords API and Analytics to provide our customers with customized and automated reports.

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